Shawnda MzFabo

CEO/ Certified Event Planner Extraordinaire

On July 12th, 1979 a creative star was born and named "Teshawnda Juanita Walker" on the North-west side of Chicago, IL. At the early age of 5, I was instructing my mother on what I wanted to wear daily. My mother said that she knew then I had a sense for fashion. Later, 2 Christmas holidays from that point my mom brought me my first pair of dress up heels and make-up kit with the princess costume, lol. Shall I say it was history from that day forward. I attended Curie Metropolitan High School where I majored in art. My fascination was with designing clothes and my most praised work was when I designed a custom wedding dress for a class project freshmen year. Everyone from the students to the teachers were Amazed at my work. I received so much praise and an Excellence Award Certificate. It was such a hit and spread so fast throughout the entire school which blessed me to be requested to design many prom dresses over the next 4 years.

My style of dressing has always been different. I live by the saying "One of one, none before and none to come"! My all-time favorite quotes comes from none other than my Favorite Designer "CoCo Chanel". "In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different" also "A girl should be two things...Classy and Fabulous". After high school I studied at The Illinois Institute of Art and majored in "Fashion Design-Marketing and Management. While attending school I worked in Corporate Finance over the next few years from Annuity Analyst at Allstate Insurance to Payroll Software Analyst for Ceridian Corp.

One day I was approached at my employer and asked to assist with the corporate party planning since the receptionist that normally planned it was out on medical leave. I graciously accepted. I said to myself (Look at God, won't he do it!). Jumping at the opportunity to show my creative side with something other than clothes and shoes, I was ready to take that challenge head on first hand. Not even two weeks from that day, I was approached at church and told they loved my sense of style and asked to help plan a small intimate wedding, again I graciously accepted. I have always been a very organized person, so I just applied that method first to my planning. I was happy to say that everything went so smoothly and successful without a hitch. One of my repeat clients said your work is extraordinary and I'm calling you MzFabo from now on because you have proved time and time again that you are Fabulous! I accepted that appraisal and the name change, lol. The rest is history from there.

After a few years of still maintaining my employment at Ceridian and being a wedding and event planner, I started to receive so much overwhelming business. At this point I had to make a conscious choice because I could no longer do both and maintain that undivided attention to each one of my clients that I am known for. After much careful and analyzed thoughts, I made the decision to resign from my employer September of 2007 and launch my very own business, which is called "Fabulous Weddings/ Events". I am proud to say we have been in business for over 10 years and remain elegance and our extraordinary creativeness that sets us apart from anyone else. No event is too small or too big to be elegant and fabulous in our eyes, therefore we live by our motto:

"If you can dream it, we can make it happen!"

                                       Shawnda MzFabo

                                                                      CEO/ CEP